–In August, the stars droop and the moon falls in love

–In August, the wind and smoke are clean, and the fireworks are tasted all over the world

1、Same name as August

It happens to have the same name as the eighth month of the year, making people feel familiar and familiar.

The gift of August is the gentle good weather and the slowly getting better yourself

2、Relax and vacation

August is a time when many people are on vacation,

it is very relaxing, and it reminds people of vacation and relaxation.

The scenes and designs of our series are also very warm and relaxing,

which can make people think of going on vacation.

Taking advantage of the rest, it is also a good choice to go to the salon to enjoy the spa.

The cool midsummer wind blows away fiery anxiety, and the orange dusk embraces the minty dawn

3、Summer and nature

AUGUST focuses on summer colors, as seen in several light colors,

which can remind people of the freshness and nature of summer,

and make people feel the summer atmosphere in the new salon.

Regrets in summer will surely be resolved in the breeze of early August and autumn

4、Freshness and sense of space

The design of AUGUST has a radian,

which can bring a different sense of space to the salon,

which, like its name, goes beyond the name itself to highlight its freshness.

Make salon more agile and more soulful.

August is a poem about falling into the clouds and mist, and crashing into the world after exhausting the warm sun